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Need I remind you that mixing politics and religion is a very volatile and dangerous combination for which men and governments will use to spin and control the masses. In all of the monotheistic religions on this planet you will find believers who are spirit led and who know in their hearts what is right and what is wrong.Therefore will you always find people who are willing to reach out in tolerance and understanding--to find common ground, and who realize that we all share in our humanity and in the values that touch each one of us at a soul level.These spirit led souls will be the ones that will lead the world into the age of Light and Life.The world is tired of lies and wars--all people want to live in peace and be free as is the divine intent for humanity. For these are the growing pains of planetary evolution my friends, and we must mature and grow out of the infancy of divide and conquer thinking and learn to understand the hearts of all men and women on this planet. --Teacher Ophelius

In My Opinion

  • The Divine Relationship Explained

    I'm still amazed and astonished by the synchronicity of spirit and how the Divine channel finds a way to express itself through me from various sources and personalities. It was just this morning after I sat down at the keyboard and listened for the voice of my beloved teachers to "whisper in my ear," and how I allow the Divine Creative Force to function as a new lesson unfolds onto the page, that I was struck with such astonishment to become aware of my experiences before and just after the automatic writing process. This "ah-ha" moment of connecting the dots unfolds the meaning of the lesson to me, which imbeds itself in my heart for all time and becomes a part of the soul itself.

  • 2012: The Year of New Beginnings

    I'm anticipating that this year, 2012, will be filled with abundant love, exciting developments, and prosperity. Unlike what many in the media and so many who believe 2012 is the year of destruction, I see it as the year of new beginnings and new opportunities. I'm taking the advice of Teacher Ophelius and keeping a positive outlook this year and leveraging these new "intensified manifestations of reality." I have decided that as a "New Year's Resolution," that I would double my efforts at self-mastery and become "conscious of my consciousness," and the driving factor is trying to be aware, as much as possible while living in the world, of the presence of my Indwelling Spirit--there's nothing more powerful, more true, beautiful, or good than to be aware of this fragment of the Creator living inside you. "Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, and all else shall be added unto you."