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If you picture in your mind the symbol used to represent infinity, a figure eight on it's side, you'll see that when you write this symbol, it contains two semi-circles enjoined, having no end, but which also contains an intersection where the two semi-circles meets. This is the cycle of eternity where the infinite and the finite meet, where God reaches down to man and where man reaches up to God. This is also how the River of Life flows from paradise to the worlds of time and space, and back again, in an endless procession and in an endless exchange of love--the perfect love of the Creator for His children and the perfecting love of His children for the Creator. This infinity of love is something that becomes more real to you as you ascend by faith and as you bridge the gap with your Adjuster through the living experience of doing the Will of God--by allowing the exchange of love to flow in both directions. --Teacher Ophelius