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Your greatest example for the assurance of eternal life is the fact of the Master’s resurrection when He, Jesus, was raised from the death of the flesh, to the life of the resurrection. This was done for you so that you would believe and know that life does not end here and that there is a continuity of identity and personality. The Master’s resurrected body (the morontia body) is the same type of body you will have on the mansion worlds—incorruptible, beautiful, and designed for the sojourns of life in the worlds of light! Do you not understand how incredibly blessed you are—that you have all this before you? Rejoice!Live each day with the Fact of Eternity in your mind and your whole life and attitude toward others will change and become more beautiful and loving. See each person you meet or know as your brother or sister and know that you are all headed for the embrace of finality—to stand in the presence of the Creator on paradise as a perfected being and to go on into the unending adventure of the sublime vistas of infinity. --Teacher Ophelius